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If you are a company or organization that feels it important to make good on doing good, we welcome the opportunity to tell your story.For us, helping clients do this isn’t just another job, it is personal.
Our lives and families have been directly touched by the incredible work of companies and organizations such as the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the Magic Johnson Foundation and The Susan G. Komen Foundation, to name a few.  That’s why we tell these stories.

Whether you’re looking to educate, inspire, create national commercials, regional PSAs, boost employee awareness, build online communities, highlight fundraising events or create corporate partnerships, Beacon Bay Creative stands ready to serve you.

Crack Baby - United Way

Crack Baby

A multi-award winning campaign for The United Way.

Every Child Needs Love - Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Every Child Needs Love

A successful series of PSAs for The Dave Thomas Foundation.  This is the 30 second USA version.  Versions were also made for other countries.